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Robin S

Robin S, born and raised in Queens, New York on January 27, 1962. Robin began singing at the age of five in a church choir. Blessed with a genuine talent to entertain, she took up vocal training at the age of eight under the direction of the legendary Brook Alexander. Alexander,who also instructed Melba Moore, he made learning easy. His style taught me how to create different sounds by using my facial expressions and tones. It enabled me to obtain the skills to become a performer. At the age of fifteen, Robin went to join both jazz and cover bands in the New York metropolitan area, performing at dinner clubs, lounges, and other venues. 

"Show Me Love" Robin's first gold single (Platinum in Europe), introduced her as one of the premier vocalists of the early 1990. Her first release was in 1990 under Robin Stone (that's what the "S" stands for). The chart-topping single, punctuated with energetic remixes from Stonebridge Productions of Sweden, originally gained popularity in Europe on Champion Records only in 1993. The success of the record caught the eyes of executives at Big Beat Records and Robin S was on her way to fulfilling her dreams.

Robin's debut album on Big Beat/Atlantic Records, "Show Me Love" immediately broadened her fan base. The diverse sounds of the record, which changes between beautiful lush ballads like "What I Do Best", Who's Goina’ Raise The Child", and bold toe-tapping rhythms, were created by a variety of producers, including Junior Vasquez, Nick Martinelli, and David Morales. "Love For Love", another chart-topping track from Robin's debut is a fiercely hypnotic track filled with syncopated beats, added her to the elite list of dance diva. 

Robin's efforts paid off. In 1993, and she was named BEST DANCE ARTIST at the Billboard Awards and Show Me Love received 2 awards for BEST DANCE SINGLE and BEST DANCE ARTIST. Robin also earned 2 awards at the industry Annual Winter Dance Music Conference for BEST DANCE ARTIST SOLO and BEST NEW DANCE SINGLE.

After her second album, a single, entitled "Midnight" was released on a 12". There were so many songs that the world has never reviewed like her remakes of "You know how to love me" and "All I do". However, her success is still amazing, as she in 2004 has made her European Tour.

“For years, I did not have a Label home, so I took that disadvantage and turned it into MY ADVANTAGE”! “Like most artist, I completed a studio at home so that I could do my own thing whenever I wanted to.  Slow and steady wins the race, always!" Now, looking toward the future is really important to the Atlanta-based singer these days, because she’s got a lot of irons in the fire!  When Robin S. is not touring within the States and abroad, she is found in her studio producing a Gospel album for her new artists or writing songs to tracks from the likes of known Producer James A. Worthy, DJ’s Todd Terry and DJ, Singer/Songwriter Roland Clark, R.O.N.N.  Carroll or collaborating with other known artists like Melanie Daniels, Inaya Day and Janice Robinson or simply doing her own tracks in her home studio.   One of her latest song is “Back to you” which will be released the end of March 2016, sets the tone for a lot of new things to come.  


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