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About Rite Now With Sara Jane

Spradley is coming for that throne Rite Now. Before you get through the first verse you'll be head nodding to the bounce and the rapid fire of this track. You can actually feel the track as it plays.

About Armored Sound Production

Tennessee based Armored Sound Productions has been a music staple for years. The company started as the dream of Big Chan Chandler. From the humble beginnings of a keyboard and drum machine, Big Chan quickly learned the nuances of putting together a song that fans gravitate to. A.S.P. has established a reputation for hard work, integrity, and commitment in music production. With additional producers Spradley, and Omega P. music is their passion and they're driven by the belief in the power of creativity and music.

Since 2009 A.S.P. has produced tracks for a wide scope of artists globally, Jody Breeze, Ruk Da Rapper, Bezzled Gang, Starlito, Spradley, Chill and Alley Boy are just a few.


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