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About She's Doin Somthing

She's Doin Somthin is self explanatory. She's doing something, she's got no business. Ya'll know what I'm talking about.

About Ricky Fontain - Tain

Ricky Fontain comes from the origianl stage name of pretty Ricky Fontain. Ricky Fontain has major experiences in the music industry. He's not only a performer and entertainer, he has written over 100 copyrighted songs.  He has also held the manager and CEO roles. Ricky started performing in local talent shows in Detroit and Chicago.  He began writing songs at the age of 18. He has a publish contract with a well known legendb the name of Mickey Stephenson from Motown Records.

Recently, Ricky released his freshman album called Tain, A Long Way which was released by Tate Music Group and Fontain Enterprises.

Ricky Fontain lives in Atlanta, Georgia.  He has started his own record label, Fontain Enterprises LLC.  He is the CEO and Owner.  He's in pursuit of bringing back quality music to main stream radio, internet and the music industry.  Are you ready?


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