About Yee Yee

Yee Yee was written by HOMEGROWN Family and Shotgun Shan, and produced by Eddie Robinson. We decided to do something very original on this song. It came out very original and is now a common chant from crowds we play for.

About Homegrown

HOMEGROWN was formed in Worth County, Georiga, with the original members being Homegrown and Big Mac. We also added Hope Deezy and 3PJ for some songs. Then Shawty V joined the family this year. Our goal is to make music fun again. When I was growing up, music was an escape for people who had a hard week. We make music you can play on your speakers and forget all your problems. We came for the party is our theory. When we hit the stage we make people stand up and dance. When that happens, all of life's problems are gone even if it is just until the music stops. We love making people smile. 

On Demand

Ropes And Chains ER Remix

Ropes And Chains ER Remix